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Naran 2 years ago
l can eat ur pussy
Goltizshura 2 years ago
Estás lindísima bebé
Mataur 2 years ago
Even as a gay-for-pay dude, I can say he's got a finer butt than hers
Gogami 2 years ago
So already the comments are conflating two different things: the rules of totalitarian monarchies/theocracies and the actual rules and guidelines of Islamic scripture. We find that most of the abhorent policies, sick patriarchal rules, and oppressive anti freedom rhetoric and action is actually mostly absent from religious writing. Understandably, non Muslims conflate these two things because Muslim governments hide behind a veil of religion and just fake that they have been told by God that they are supposed to treat people this way. Islam as a religion only is full of nastiness, particularly when it comes to the treatment of non Muslims but the oppression of women is not really part of the Quran and Hadith, at least no more than any other holy scriptures.

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