Plumper asians


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Nataxe 1 year ago
Soy de Bucaramanga me encantan tus tetas
Bakasa 1 year ago
Some superstitions do have a factual basis, walking under a ladder can be bad for you if whoever is on the ladder drops something on your head, for example, but others, not so much. A black cat crossing your path does not bring you bad luck, nor does failing to toss spilt salt over your left shoulder. But that is not the kind of superstition we are referring to here, is it? Here we are referring to ghosts and goblins and calling them gods. Religions ARE superstitions!
Vogrel 1 year ago
Looks like Kevin Durant, a vagina
Kekazahn 1 year ago
Hi beautiful pussy
Arall 1 year ago
So based on the reactions we saw Jon have during the battle, I’m betting he’s the one who is gonna end up killing his auntie. Only because his ass has been pretty useless this entire season since Arya knifed the Night King.

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