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Vijas 2 years ago
Hi please b my friend
Brasar 2 years ago
not too many guys can say they fucked both the wifey and the sis : lovely vid! thumbs up!
Fenritaur 2 years ago
That b**** deserves to have the money tap shut off. Do not pay for the wedding as promised because you are just being fleeced. Don't worry about what the neighbors will say. And never fall for emotional blackmail.
Yozshudal 2 years ago
Cruz mopped the floor with him in the one debate they had. Cruz had to challenge several times before laddie buck worked up his courage. O'Rourke is a wuss masquerading as a wuss. Only real decision he ever made of consequence in his life was to try and flee the scene of accident he caused while DUI.
Tojagar 2 years ago
Should have just stayed in bed this morning.

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