Wife lost at strip poker

17 2 years ago

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Tadal 2 years ago
Hi there. What are you seeking here mainly?
Mazujar 2 years ago
Hola amor. Saluditos
Misar 2 years ago
I take it you're not a Trump supporter. See the paradox you're in by commenting on PTC. I can't allow someone who accuses others of sin act like he's sin free and can throw stones. You have no idea of someone else's relationship with G-d when you don't personally know the man. So the next time you decide you are fit to stone someone think about what Jesus said. Banned itowchatt
Sazuru 2 years ago
Oh, look, more words from the good doggie. Woof woof!
Terisar 2 years ago
i wanna fuck her shit fuckhole

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