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Kat 2 years ago
Me avente una chaketa a tu salud. ?
Neshicage 2 years ago
I'm going to be blunt - 4 hours away is too far for co-parenting. Your ex feeling less engaged with her teens is more than teens pulling away; she literally is less engaged. She should be less than 45 minutes away. It sounds like you are doing what you can, but the best solution would be for your ex-wife to move closer and become a greater part of her children's lives.
Kigakus 2 years ago
My wifey marry me because mu parents have cash. But she certainly not love me and my soft dick. Yes shes fucking with other mens , she love being a fucked by strong black dudes. Yes I love her and Im let her do what she wants.
JoJoramar 2 years ago
Yea it was filmed vertically but when I uploaded it, it some how flipped and I have no way to fix it. but I'm glad u still loved it.
Masho 2 years ago
Future cougar with good tits.

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